“The imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Albert Einstein


Not long ago I had a parent call and ask about First Step and what is the philosophy of the school.  I said “Einstein”.


Einstein said, “The imagination is more important than knowledge.” If you think about children at this age, before the real world comes in on them, each of them uses a puzzle differently, uses paint differently and we need to encourage that. We do not need to teach them how to think. They need to learn to think for themselves.


So something made me say to her “Do you work?”

She said, “Yes I am surgeon.”

I asked “Have you ever done an operation differently to how you have done it before?” After a pause she said,  “The day before yesterday I operated on a man and I performed an operation I had never done before. I walked in this morning and he was gleaming.”

I said, ”So there is the philosophy of First Step. I hope we have taught children to think for themselves.”


Ina Sinsheimer

Director, First Step