First Step Nursery School

Approx 3 to 6 years old

Monday thru Friday 9:00AM - 12:30PM

Optional Late Stay until 3:00PM


When children and families enter First Step Nursery School they become part of a community. Somehow all of the elements combine to produce a family-like atmosphere – the mixed-age grouping, the nurturing teachers, and the parents lingering on the yard create a feeling of belonging for everyone.


As the day starts children choose between inside and outside play. They find a teacher, their friends, or a preferred activity, and say good-bye to their parent or caregiver. While the children play, the teachers facilitate social interaction and produce further opportunities for learning by expanding on the children’s interests. After an hour of play the children meet for Group Time. Children are clustered by age and meet in small groups with one or two teachers. This is an opportunity to present age-appropriate curriculum and monitor academic skills in a small group setting. As the children mature Group Time becomes longer and more in-depth, allowing the Pre-K group to be well prepared for Kindergarten when the time comes. After Group Time, all of the children join together for snack, music, outside play, and finally lunch.


After the morning program ends, Late Stay begins with quiet time looking at books, cuddling with soft toys and a teacher reading stories to the children. The children then choose from dramatic play, block building, art, puzzles, games and other inside activities until clean-up time. The day ends with snack.